Hello everyone. I wanted to update you on the 2021 Northeast Iowa Steel Guitar Show status. The board met last night and as we looked at the country and the stability of the economy plus the safety aspect due to COVID19, we have decided to not have the 2021 show. I know it disappoints all of us, especially the musicians who absolutely yearn to play again to appreciative audiences.

What we ARE planning right now however, is to have a virtual event to highlight some players and to give you a chance to hear some great steel guitar players and bands and to keep the NISGS in front of our fans. We will be continuing with the relationship with the Shriner's Transportation fund and we may have a way to donate to the fund on our site. (To be determined)

Again, it was a hard decision to pull the plug but out of courtesy to our sponsors, participants, vendors and guests, we just cannot risk it this year. But look out for 2022!!! Bigger and better for sure. Keep an eye out for more information and announcements on our virtual event including some Jump Start Academy players and other artists. Stay well, stay safe and God bless all of our friends and family.


Kirk Dighton- NISGS Board President